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Are you affected by the proposed changes to public sector pensions?
It's not often you have people threatening strike action for something other than a pay rise, but the issue of pensions is such a sensitive and emotive issue for many, that they are prepared to take to the streets in a National day of action on 30th November.
There has been an awful lot of rhetoric over the past month's about the impending strike action by Trade Unions. The bottom line is that ordinary people in this country will be forced to work longer, pay more for a pension, and get less than expected in retirement.
Many have long service in the public sector, and as part of their terms and conditions had final salary pension schemes.They may well be generous pensions, but this was one of the attractions of working in the public sector. These employees have been paying into pensions in some cases for 20 or 30 years. It is therefore grossly unfair to pull the carpet from under them, and say the pensions are no longer affordable.
This is not just about a pay increase, this issue threatens the the quality of people's lives in retirement, and quite frankly is unacceptable. These employees are asking for nothing, other than to keep what they signed up for when they started work in the public sector.
Can we take it that MP's, Cabinet Ministers etc, as public sector employees will also be having their pension pot's raided with the same savagery?
(I leave that one for you to decide the answer)
Surely it would be more reasonable, less controversial, and certainly less confrontational to implement the new pension terms for all new public sector employees, while leaving existing employees to benefit from what they signed up for?
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