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The study of social science is essential to well being of the human race, and for the continuation of civilisation as we know it. Since human relationships by their very nature are very complex, the study of human behaviour is very subjective, and based on interpretations, and opinions of individuals.

Modern social science has developed into a sophisticated gathering of information, to model every aspect of human behaviour, with the society we live in. This will take place for all the countries of the world, so that social scientists can better understand the human race.

Socials sciences are basically the in-depth study of human beings, and how they live, and interact with each other. This may sound a very simplistic definition, but when you consider human relationships on their own, then social scientist’s need to know how the human mind works, and why people feel the way they do. This is called psychology.

Social scientists can then draw conclusions and opinions on how relationships are affected by such factors as the environment you live in, the type of housing you have, your job, education, social status etc. You can see that this is already becoming a very big subject. However, this is only one small part of social science.

The study of human beings and humanity is called anthropology. This comes under the umbrella of social sciences. Some of the other subjects under the umbrella are economics, law, philosophy and sociology to name a few. Social science is often described as a ‘soft’ science, because it is not an exact science like maths, or physics. In social science, information is gathered, and analysed much the same as other sciences by academics and researchers, who then produce theories to explain a particular aspect of human behaviour and any factors which may influence it.

You can see that all these subject areas involved people in them, and may also have an effect on people. By looking at how these areas of our lives affect individuals, you can build up a picture of what life is like at a point in time. By understanding how humans behave, and interact with each other, and what factors influence this behaviour, either good or bad, social scientists hope to be able to continually improve the quality of our lives, and by documenting their research, it is a good reference for future generations to build on.

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