TV Shopping Channels: Changing the way we shop

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Digital TV and FREEVIEW have increased the accessibility of TV shopping channels to practically everyone owning a TV. You can shop for almost anything for the home and garden ,and have it delivered directly to your door. I look at the pro's and con's of TV shopping, and how it is changing the way we shop, and how it fits in with modern lifestyles.

With the switchover to Digital TV and the arrival of FREEVIEW, there has been an explosion of available channels for TV viewing. Channels that were previously only available by subscription or satellite broadcast are now freely available to everyone with a TV.

TV shopping advantages

TV shopping is becoming a recreational pastime for buying everyday goods from the comfort of your favourite armchair. The advantages of TV shopping are that you don't have to go traipsing round the shops in all weathers, or fight for a parking space, and most shopping channels operate from 7am to midnight, so no need to go dashing off straight from work before the shops close. All of the shopping channels have web pages accessible via the Internet, and you can browse and place orders online 24 hours a day.


TV shopping channels sell just about anything, from garden furniture to cosmetics, craft supplies, jewellery, computers etc, and there is no minimum order value, so you just buy what you need.


Some TV shopping channels even give you the option to pay for your goods by installments at no extra cost. All of the shopping channels will accept credit or debit card payments, and although you have to pay postage and packing, the charges are reasonable, and you do get either a 7,14 or 30 day money back guarantee depending on which TV channel you shop with.


You can even return an item for a full refund if you don't like the look of it, or you simply change your mind when it arrives, and not many High street shops would be happy to do that. TV shopping channels have responded to the changes of modern lifestyles, giving us, the consumer more choice and flexibility to how, and more importantly when we shop.

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