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It''s 4 weeks till Christmas, and I have never felt so
 'Un-Christmassy' in my life.
All you here about in the news is Government cuts, the looming strikes, Bankers  inflated bonuses, the deepening financial crisis in the Euro-zone.  Really depressing stuff, especially when we are all being told to tighten our belts even further.
 Everything is so expensive, whether it's petrol for the car, food, or just paying the gas and electricity bills. It's all getting very depressing, and little wonder the very thought of Christmas is turning me into a Scrooge convert, or is that Humbug?
The experts tell us that people will spend in the run up to Christmas, and then the New Year will be even worse for the high street.
I don't even want to go shopping in the high street this Christmas, my preferred method of shopping will be cyber shopping, at least then i can choose what music i listen to while i shop, it won't cost a fortune to park the car, and I'll also avoid all the other grumpy shoppers that i know will be out there!
O.K So I have become a grumpy old git at Christmas, well all i can say to that is............                                          
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