How to remain safe and sound at home

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Keeping your home and personal belongings safe from intruders is something we don't always think about. We expect to feel safe and secure in our homes. However, there are people out there who given the opportunity will think nothing of stealing your hard-earned belongings. We look at some of the options for home security.

Tips for ensuring home safety

  • Make sure all your doors and windows have security locks fitted. The front door should have a mortise lock and a ‘Yale’ type lock that can be deadlocked when you leave. Also fit a security chain to the main front door so that you can open the door to strangers, knowing they cannot push through.
  • Make sure all the windows have a security lock. Modern UPVC windows have internal locks, and for older style windows, you can buy easy-to-install window locks at any local DIY store. If you have a sliding patio door, then install an additional lock on the inside top, or at the bottom of the door to stop potential thieves from lifting the door out of its runners.
  • Install an alarm system to protect the property when you are away. You can either have an alarm fitted or you can buy a DIY alarm setup kit. You can either choose a wired alarm or a wireless alarm. The wireless alarm will be easier to install and neater with no wiring etc. Each room will have an infrared sensor (PIR) that will detect movement once the alarm is set.
  • You should ideally have a 'Zone' alarm system that allows you to set specific zones in the house; for example if you go out, the whole house will be protected, but at night, you may just want to protect the downstairs areas.
  • You should also have an alarm sounder box outside the property. This alerts people to the fact the alarm is sounding, and also acts as a deterrent to opportunist thieves.The control panel needs to be near the main entrance so you have time to exit the property after setting the alarm. Generally, you get 30 seconds before the alarm activates.
  • It is a good idea to have a system with a back-up battery in case the power to the property is cut off. The battery is usually enough to power the system for a couple of hours.
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