Are we doing enough to promote green energy?

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There always seems to be a high price tag for developing green energy, and this can often be prohibitive. Whether or not you believe in the Greenhouse gas emissions affecting the planets climate, it is surely a good idea to explore new sources of energy from nature. It does seem to be that with every technological discovery, there is a waste product or by product of some sort which affects the environment in some way.

Whenever Eco or "Green" energy is mentioned, very often people's first reactions are of huge unsightly wind farms, blighting the countryside. There are however, many other ways of promoting Eco energy. For instance, we can all do our bit by recycling as much as we can, as this in itself is helping the environment by reusing materials rather than wasting energy making new materials.

Eco friendly houses

We already have more Eco friendly housing, using more natural materials for insulations, and making sure windows and doors are energy efficient. Solar Panels have been around for quite a while now. However, there is still not enough solar technology being built into modern housing. There should at the very least be solar panels on the roofs of suitably south facing properties. They could generate enough energy for hot water, with any extra energy being sold to the Grid.

There are also schemes in Holland using combined Heat and power, where coal fired power stations generate electricity, with the resulting hot water being piped underground and into radiators in local houses, before returning to the power station. The water is already hot and would normally sit in huge cooling towers, so why not make use of it.

There are also schemes which bore down into the earth to tap into water heated naturally by the Earth's core. This will provide free energy for heating for many years to come, which will offset the high cost of the boring process. These are just a few innovative ways of harnessing energy to either use it more efficiently, or to generate it from natural sources.

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