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The Art Deco era of the 1920s and 30s produced stunning and glittering desings in jewellery. Today, such pieces are very sought after by collectors and admirers of the period. We look at what made Art Deco jewellery stand out from other periods.

Nothing portrays the style and glamour of the 1920s and 30s better than Art Deco jewellery. Art Deco was given its name during a period of revival in the 1960s. Art Deco reflected the Art Modern, or Art Modernistic influence which followed from the 1925 Paris Exhibition.

Made jewellery affordable

Art deco jewellery used modern materials which made jewellery more affordable to almost everyone. One of the first plastics ever to be used was Bakelite, which allowed Art Deco designs to be moulded and incorporated into jewellery with other materials.

The classic style of Art deco jewellery reflects the use by designers of such modern materials as chrome which was highly polished, as well as red and black enamels. Crystals were inlaid into the jewellery for this extra sparkle and opulence, and Art Deco was definitely the 1920s period for Bling.

A symbol of the liberal period

Art Deco symbolised the more liberal period of the 1920s following the great austerity of the First World War. Women were also more liberated during this period and fashion and jewellery spoke volumes about the modern woman.

The classic Art Deco jewellery designs incorporated geometric shapes such as the hexagon, triangle, and the square, and were made from either traditional silver, or modern materials. From the powder compact to earrings to elegant fan shaped brooches, Art Deco left its glamorous mark. The jewellery would be contrasted with either the vivid blue of Lapis Lazuli, or encrusted with black and clear bohemian crystals to give a striking and elegant design.

An Egyptian influence

There was also a strong Egyptian influence in jewellery designs, reflecting the discoveries of that time in the Middle East, with gold jewellery being contrasted with brilliant Lapis Blue stones. World famous jewellers Tiffany, and Cartier used Art Deco to create stunning pieces for the very wealthy, incorporating circular and baguette cut diamonds.

To conclude

Art Deco jewellery is still very popular today, and original pieces have become very collectible. Many modern day jewellers still incorporate Art Deco style in to their designs, which it is a testament to the style, glamour, and popularity of Art Deco jewellery.

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