Is beauty only skin deep?

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Does feeling beautiful influence our psychological well-being? If we feel good about ourselves, are we healthier within or is beauty just purely vanity which is literaly skin deep? Read on to learn more.

It is true to say that the beauty industry generates millions of pounds of revenue each year from promoting cosmetic products. However, does how we look affect the way we feel, and more importantly our emotional well-being? The answer to this may be positive as well as negative, depending on your outlook on life.


In the modern world, there are pressures to conform to stereotypes for both men and women for the perfect body shape and size etc. Young people are particularly susceptible to these pressures, as well as those who just want to be noticed. Both men and women seek to achieve these particular images, and although on the whole men worry less about image than women, there are more cosmetic products becoming available for men, reflecting the changing attitudes of men.

Is beauty purely about vanity or does it have a much more fundamental role to play for our emotional well-being?

It is true to say that if we are happy about the way we look, then we are more likely to be contented as a person, and consequently maintain our emotional well-being. People who are not happy with the way they look can often become very self-conscious, have a lack confidence, feel anything but beautiful and even become obsessive about their image.

This can ultimately have a negative effect on a person's emotional well-being. The saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is very profound, and we are all different in look, shape, and size. It is this difference, this individuality which is the true natural beauty. We should be able to be happy with the way we look, however we look.

Final word

If using cosmetic products helps us feel better about ourselves, more beautiful, then it is great. However, the important thing is that you have to be yourself instead of trying to be someone else. If you can be yourself, enjoy your natural beauty. Then you will feel more contented, you will maintain your emotional well-being, and you will enjoy life a whole lot more.

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